The worst thing that most novices do when job searching is the failure to really consider the financial aspects of a career field. They fail to look at not only the current salary standards, but they fail to extrapolate what the future might hold for raises and such.

What usually happens then is that as salaries stagnate, the employee begins to realize and resent all the time and trouble they have spent working in what ends up being a dead end job. This is why a career as a medical assistant presents such a rewarding opportunity to enter a career healthcare field with limited educational expenses, and minimal commitment of time to begin earning a suitable income to live on.

The next issue that is also overlooked by novices is the geographical ramification affecting career salaries. In other words, can I maintain my lifestyle and expenses if I should have to move from state to state?

While there is no doubt that there are salary fluctuations throughout the country, one of the better aspects of this profession is the fact that not only can it be practiced just about anywhere there are physicians and medical professionals plying their trades, but optimum salaries can be expected based on years of experience and skill level.

Additionally, because there are large and successful medical practices throughout the country, there are also added opportunities to command some of the highest wages available in the industry, regardless of the state in which you practice.

Salary Thresholds

According to one of the most respected repositors of labor statistics, the Bureau of Labor, the current national averages for this healthcare field as of May 2011 are:

Hourly percentile wage estimates for this occupation,

  • Bottom 10% $10.04
  • Low 25% $11.86
  • Median 50% $13.99
  • Upper 75% $16.87
  • Top 10% $19.62

Annual percentile wage estimates for this occupation,

  • Bottom 10% $20,880
  • Low 25% $24,670
  • Median 50% $29,100
  • Upper 75% $35,080
  • Top 10% $40,810

Top paying industries for this occupation:

  • Scientific Research and Development Services
    Hourly $17.81 Annual $37,040
  • Agencies, Brokerages, and Other Insurance Related Activities
    Hourly $17.80 Annual $37,010
  • Offices of Dentists
    Hourly $17.18 Annual $35,730
  • Insurance Carriers
    Hourly $17.14 Annual $35,660
  • Specialty (except Psychiatric and Substance Abuse) Hospitals
    Hourly $16.85 Annual $35,050

medicaid fraud lawyer . Corporate Counsel Jobs . affiliate make money . Le centre de Gruyère . click here As research has demonstrated, a very comfortable living can be accomplished through the acquisition of the necessary credentials for this profession. There is no doubt that unless a person or family is located in some of the most expensive regions of the country, the income for this occupation is not only suitable, but with the expected growth and expansion of the industry, incomes will continue to rise accordingly.